Bodhi Naturae – Organic and ecofriendly cosmetics

Enlighten your skin®

Radiant skin is healthy skin. Inhale Exhale. Enlighten your skin®.

From the love for nature, aromatherapy and ancient Ayurvedic philosophy, Bodhi Naturae products are born, created by the pharmacist and cosmetologist Cecilia.
Water-free formulas based on the fusion of certified organic ingredients combined together to nourish all skin types and respect our planet.

"Choose to be aware and take care of your skin and the planet."

Bodhi naturae Manifesto

We are much more than "clean beauty", we are eco-bio certified. Our products are totally eco-sustainable, free from harmful, toxic substances and formulated only with high quality organic, vegan and not tested on animals ingredients.

Good for your skin and the environment!

Sustainable water-free cosmetics

High-value, waterless and more concentrated formulas. We increase quality and sustainability: more active formulas for your skin. more respect for water resources for the planet.


Holistic skincare

Pause. Breathe and exhale. Relax. We use the essential oils of aromatherapy to create our fragrances and improve the health and well-being of the body and mind.


Probiotic skincare

Strengthening the skin microbiome: the secret to healthy and radiant skin. We use probiotics to treat the symptoms of sensitive skin and strengthen the epidermal barrier.


The power of Organic

Plants grown following the guidelines of organic farming contain 60% more antioxidants, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins and are free from toxic substances, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals. *

* British Journal of Nutrition, 2014

Our ingredients

I believe that it is essential to take care of ourselves at all times and adopt a lifestyle that is aware and respectful of nature.

Cecilia Rosso
Founder & CEO Bodhi Naturae

BODHI NATURAE has always been my secret dream: the dream of creating a high-quality cosmetic brand, totally green capable of sending a message.

Consciousness and mind-body balance are the keys to achieving well-being and health.

I chose the word BODHI, because in Sanskrit it means "mental enlightenment and awareness."

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